We Need Your Help

The mission of the Milwaukee French Immersion Foundation (MFIF) is to enhance French Language programs in Milwaukee French Immersion School (MFIS) and the Milwaukee School of Languages MSL). With the help of MFIF, our programs maximize the learning potential of every student and prepare them to excel in a competitive global economy.

Over the past tem years, the Foundation has raised funds to bring 50+ native-French-speaking teaching interns to support over 100 classrooms at MFIS and MSL. These teaching interns, from France and other French speaking countries such as Senegal, Switzerland, Belgium, and Gabon, work directly with our children helping to enhance their aptitude for the French language while broadening their cultural experiences.

This year, we are raising $15,000 to bring five teaching interns into classrooms for the 2023-2024 school year. To reach this goal we need the full support of our school communities. Please make a gift today and help ensure the continuation of challenging and enriching education experiences for our students. A gift of:

$300 will provide a monthly stipend for one teaching interns

$100 will provide a city bus pass so one teaching interns can get to school

$50 will provide a weekly stipend for one teaching interns

$25 will contribute to the monthly stipend for one teaching interns